Diagnostic Service

We work with you to discover what is wrong and how much it will cost to correct the problem.

Basic Diagnostic Service – Free

Once you bring your computer in for service, we will discuss the problem to determine if the problem is caused by software, hardware or both. We will provide you with a estimate to correct the issue.

Advanced Diagnostic Service – $99.00

If your problem requires disassembly or specific hardware testing, we will contact you with a repair estimate. We only charge you the Advanced Diagnostic Charge if you decide NOT to repair or replace your equipment. We apply this charge to your repair costs.

Express Service: Next On Bench –  $89.00

We will move your service to the front of the line and begin our diagnostics when the first bench spot is available. This does not guarantee that your system will be ready the same day.

Repair Charges

Complete PC Tune-Up – $169

Most software related issues are resolved with this service.

  • Remove Viruses, Malware, or Junk Files
  • Repair Registry
  • Install Windows and Drivers Updates
  • Update system BIOS if needed.
  • Optimize file system and storage devices.
  • Repair operating system if needed.
Hardware Repairs/Installations – $199

Most Hardware Repairs are resolved with this service.

  • Includes Complete PC Tune-Up
  • Install New Hard Drive or Clone Hard Drive
  • Install Mainboards, LCD screens, Fans
  • Labor Charges do not usually exceed $199
  • Custom Hardware – Advanced Water-cooling, Cable Management, or Advanced Modifications are performed on a hourly basis.

Labor Charges

Power Supply Replacement – $99.00

  – Includes 300-480W standard power supply

Hard Drive Clone – $159.00

    – Additional cost if drive not bought from us

Laptop Screen Replacement – $189.00
Laptop Keyboard Replacement – $99.00

DC Jack Repair – $179.00

    – Includes the jack on most laptops

Computer Assembly/setup – $159.00

    – Free of charge if all parts are purchased with us

Build your own PC Training – $249.00

   – We teach and guide you one on one