Our Team



Our leader. Sommelier of Assassin’s Creed.
Loves Fortnite, crypto, and sick looking builds. King of the local PC game and always looking for the next gen tech to slap in the newest PC. 


Math guy

Quick scoping king of Computer Connection, but always the first to die in Fortnite. First build in 2021. 

“Maturity is knowing when to be immature.”  – David Bond


Head Technician

First build was in 2009. Favorite games are from the Mega Man franchise.


Sales Manager

First build was in 2016. Favorite game is Factorio, and favorite switches are Gateron Blues. Enjoyer of 75% keyboards.


RMA Manager

League of Legends queen (noob).
HC Search and Destroy connoisseur.
First build in 2021, favorite switches are Gateron Oil Kings.

meets perfection
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meets perfection
Custom PCs for
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